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So excited about the Portugal guide. Have a few questions.

- Would love best day trips from Porto and Lisbon, specifically wineries or beaches.

- If you had to make your way from Portugal to Spain in 4/5 where would you go?

- Best restaurants in Porto and Lisbon

- best vintage shops in Lisbon

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Also very interested in intel for Melides!

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Very much looking forward to this guide! Traveling to Comporta in May so fingers crossed this will publish soon ;)


- Baby-friendly accommodations (perhaps similar-ish to Menorca's Torralbenc or Torre Vella)

- Lunch + dinner restaurants, bars, cafes

- Beaches, beach clubs

- Surfing beaches

- Recs for private boat charters

- Running / hiking trails, walking paths

- Artist studios, galleries

- Shopping: markets, ceramics, antiques, clothing / textiles, bags, etc.

- Day trip ideas

- Restaurants / general recs for a few hours in Lisbon if flying in / out

- Any must make stops on the drive from Lisbon to Comporta?

- Any specific recommendations for 5 days in Comporta w/ a six month old?


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I am dying for some Thailand/Southeast Asia recs. Planning a Honeymoon and would love the Yolo touch...

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Looking forward to the Portugal guide! Would love thoughts on:

- Porto/Douro: Favorite Porto and Matsusinhos restaurants. Favorite Douro Valley Quinta's/Vineyards. Ideas for a day trip to Duoro or Braga/Guimares.

- Options for an overnight from Porto to Lisbon

- Favorite spots in Coimbra?

- Ideas for things to do with a 3 year old in Lisbon for a week!

- Where to stop for lunch and/or overnight from Lisbon to Faro.

- Alentejo: Ideas for restaurants and things to do in Evora. We will be staying at São Lourenço do Barrocal - ideas for villages to visit in the area?

- Comporta/Melidas Ideas for a week stay

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OOOh, can't wait for your Portugal guide. Please can we have details on where to stay/must do's/eats in Comporta/Melides and Algarve/Val d'lobo recommendations. Plan to drive from Lisbon to Faro...

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We are looking forward to your upcoming Portugal guide!

~ Favorite restaurants, towns, artisans in the Ria Formosa area

~ Traveling from Lisbon to the Ria Formosa with kids, any intel on favorite places to stay as a family in Comporta or down the coast

~ Family friendly Lisbon cultural activities

~ Any intel on the white marmelada of Odivelas

Thank you!

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